Classic Car Engine Repair

Thomas Machine provides classic car owners across Long Island with dependable engine repairs and rebuilding services. Our professionally skilled technicians have put over 35 years of labor into perfecting their craft for classic car engine repair. Bringing your car to Thomas Machine is the best move for anyone who wants the car of their dreams serviced efficiently and thoroughly the first time. Our trusted staff works on your classic car as if it were their own.

So please, if you have a classic car that is in need of expert engine repair, then call our office today! The number for our office is 631-242-5665. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote for the repair work needed. We can also set up an appointment to bring in your classic car.

Trusted Classic Car Engine Repair

We understand how difficult restoring a car yourself can be. Here at Thomas Machine, our knowledgeable technicians take the guesswork out of what to do for your car and how long it will take to restore its classic charm.  We service most classic car makes and models with the highest quality parts and attention they deserve. 

Classic cars require closer attention to detail and oftentimes it is difficult to find the correct parts for certain repairs. Due to our years of experience, we have handled all sorts of engine repair jobs. From minor fixes to complete overhauls, our repair team will work diligently to fix any issue. Our classic car engine repair is second to none. We have become a trusted name for classic car owners throughout Long Island.

Keep Your Classic Car In Tip-Top Shape!

Classic Car Engine RepairHaving a classic car is the stuff of dreams. However, if you don't properly maintain the vehicle you could wind up spending a lot of money down the line. That is why it is essential to pay close attention to the car. Here are a few tips to follow for quality, consistent care. And how to avoid repair of the engine for your classic car.

  1. Keep The Car Clean: keeping it as close to clean as possible will allow the car to keep its look. Salt and grime and cause permanent damage to the exterior if left to linger. Regular hand-washing jobs could potentially save you money on repairs.

  2. Wax: This essentially goes hand in hand with the handwashing of the car. Waxing is a great way to give your car that new shine. Doing it once every six months or so will help keep the paint job looking fresh.

  3. Don't Forget The Inside: Exterior cleaning is great, but do not forget about cleaning the inside of the car as well. If you have leather or vinyl, it needs to be protected and maintained from sun and stain damage. UV blockers, leather creams, and vinyl cleaners are readily available and can easily do the trick.

  4. Regular Oil Changes: Getting oil changes is important for any car, but more important for older, vintage cars. A regular oil change is a surefire way for your classic car's engine to remain in peak condition. 

  5. Manage The Brakes: Brakes on older cars need to be managed, because they may wear out faster. This can cause an unseemly squeak to occur when stopping at a light. Pump the brakes when possible to keep them as smooth as possible.

When it comes to our classic car engine repair, we know the tricks of the trade. We will get your classic car back in tip-top shape in no time!

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Thomas Machine has years of experience in the engine repair industry. If you are having issues with your classic car engine, bring it down to our Deer Park location where our expert technicians will take a look at it. To learn more about our wide range of repair services, please contact us today.

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When you reach out, we will happily answer any questions you may have about our repair and rebuilding services. Get professional restoration for your classic car engine. The number to call is (631) 242-5665. Once you call, we can provide you with a free consultation to go over what you need. And when we know the problem, we can discuss a fair and accurate estimate.

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