Long Island Jack Hammer Compressor Repair

Thomas Machine provides a wide array of engine repair services, but our work also extends to jack hammers and their subsequent compressors. A jack hammer is a popular tool among construction crews and contractors. It is a machine that combines a hammer directly with a chisel and is usually used to break up rock, pavement and concrete. High powered jack hammers use a compressor engine that needs to be serviced every once in a while and our Deer Park shop is just the place to bring it. Receive the best jack hammer compressor repair on Long Island!

A hand-held jack hammer is typically powered by compressed air and operates by driving the internal hammer up and down. With many models, different forces can be applied which directly effects how efficient of a job is done. However, if your compressor engine is compromised, then it may not be working up to speed.

Jack Hammer Compressor Repair Quotes

Thomas Machine has years of experience in the industry and provides expert jack hammer compressor repair for people across Long Island. If you are in need of this service, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the issues you may be experiencing with your jack hammer. The number to call is 631-242-5665. With your phone call you can receive a free estimate for the work required.