Flywheel Resurfacing

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Thomas Machine offers professional clutch flywheel resurfacing for people across Long Island, New York. When it comes to the flywheel for your car, it serves a few purposes. The main purpose is to store energy to provide momentum and keep the crankshaft turning. The flywheel also helps to balance the rotating assemblies and smooth vibrations transmitted to the drivetrain. It then transmits energy smoothly to the transmission, providing power to perform.

Flywheel resurfacing is important, which means you cannot trust its repair with just anyone. Get the best and most affordable flywheel resurfacing services on Long Island when you turn to Thomas Machine.

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Reasons for Clutch Flywheel Resurfacing

There are some common issues you may run into that will lead to the need for flywheel resurfacing. Here are a few problems that may come up in the clutch assembly:

  • More force than usual to engage the clutch pedal.
  • Difficulty shifting car from neutral.
  • You hear a squealing noise while shifting.
  • When you climb a hill or move from a stop sign the engine races.
  • Sluggish acceleration. 

If you are experiencing any of these issues, we recommend setting up an appointment for proper inspection and maintenance. You want to get out in front of issues like this. Otherwise, you may further damage your vehicle and spend a lot more money on repair.

How A Flywheel Works

Let's take a look at how a flywheel works, so you can better understand why resurfacing is so crucial. The car's transmission receives power from the engine through the clutch assembly. The clutch disk is covered in a friction material that is close to the kind you will find on brake shoes. When the disk is pressed against the flywheel by the pressure plate, a lot of friction allows it to grip the surface. Rotating energy is applied to the transmission to make your car move down the road. The issue starts happening when the disk lining begins to wear. That is when it loses its ability to grip. And thus becomes a dangerous situation.

Due to this issue, the slipping will become worse over time. And over this time, it will begin to polish the mating surface, which only makes the slipping worse! The friction from this slipping then causes a lot of heat. So much so that it will essentially "heat treat" the metal surface. Not good! This treating will damage the surface and cause it to become too hard.

In some cases, cracks and blisters will develop on the surface of the flywheel due to the increasing hardness. These "hot spots" are the cause for the need for flywheel resurfacing. They occur because on an uneven application of the heat. So, there is not even distribution across the surface, which means a resurfacing is in order to do so.

What Happens During a Resurface

During flywheel resurfacing, the surface gets fixed to a machine that will cut a very thin layer of metal off the surface. This will expose fresh metal to the disk and provides a slight roughening of the surface. This roughening improves the grip. And the amount of metal that gets removed depends on the depth of the hot spots.

So that is why it is smart to stop using the vehicle when you experience any of those aforementioned issues. Otherwise, the repair work may be more and the damage increases. Get it repaired immediately. There is also the issue during flywheel resurfacing that too much of the surface gets removed. And thus be too thin and no longer meet the manufacturer's specifications.

The repair work for a flywheel is extensive, but our flywheel services and maintenance will get the job done right. The flywheel is attached to the engine's crankshaft, which means the engine needs to be separated from the transmission to properly remove the flywheel. The work is difficult and requires the proper machinery, which we at Thomas Auto have.