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Thomas Machine provides all types of engine repair and rebuilding services. From auto engine repair, to diesel engine repair, to boat engine repair, we have the expertise necessary to get the job done right! Over the years, we have become renowned as marine engine rebuilders. We are located right in Deer Park and customers from throughout Long Island come down to our shop, because they trust our staff to rebuild the engine right. Our staff is able to work on many high-performance marine engines. So please, give us a call today. One of our expert marine engine rebuilders will talk about the issues you are experiencing. The number for our office is 631-242-5665.

Marine Engine RebuildersWhat Makes a Marine Engine Different

Long Island is an island, so there are a lot of boat owners. And many of these boat owners own a boat that runs due to the power of an engine. Marine engines are different than auto engines. Of course, the biggest difference is the fact that marine motors are designed to withstand a constantly wet environment. This means all of the parts can resist corrosion after you submerge it in water. So the head gaskets, freeze plugs, valve guides and all other motor parts have to be made of corrosion-resistant materials. This requirement is not common with cars. 

Difficulties can arise with any sort of marine engine, but luckily for you, our marine engine rebuilders can handle the repair and rebuild for many different types of boat engines. Our Deer Park shop is fully equipped with all of the tools and gadgets to get the job done right. Our shop features advanced tools to disassemble blocks, perform boil-outs, cut valves and much more. We specialize in expert valve grinding and flywheel resurfacing.

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Thomas Machine has years of experience as one of Long Island's trusted marine engine rebuilders. We have the proper knowledge to handle the repair and rebuild for many different types of boats and marine engines. Our engine repair shop can get your equipment back in a safe manner.

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For more information regarding our various boat engine repair and rebuilding services, please reach out to us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your marine engine. If you would like a free estimate, please call 631-242-5665. As long-time marine engine rebuilders, we will provide you with a fair and accurate quote for the work. Winter storage is also available for those interested, because we know that the winters on Long Island can be harsh. Inquire with us about those details and our availability.

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