Types of Diesel Boat Engines We Repair

Thomas Machine provides professional boat diesel engine repair to clients throughout Long Island, New York. We have the ability to work on different types of boat engines and effectively repair them for use. For the most part, there are two general types of marine diesel engines. Those are the two-stroke and four-stroke cycle. Diesel engines operate by igniting fuel inside a cylinder containing a piston. Then, the piston's motion converts thermal energy into work.

Diesel engines are also categorized by their speeds, which are high, medium and slow speed. The high-speed engines can achieve speeds up to 900 rpm and are used for yachts. The medium speed engines are typically found on small ships and their speeds fall between the 300 to 900 rpm range. Lastly, slow-speed engines top out at 300 rpm.

Four-Stroke Cycle Engine

The four-stroke cycle engine is employed for medium to large boats. These engines provide the appropriate power and speed. This sort of engine is also the common engine for boats that offer minimal head room, such as boats and ferries. This sort of engine requires four piston strokes to convert fuel into work. So, while the piston moves up and down the cylinder two times, the crankshaft revolves two times. The strokes of the engine are commonly known as induction, compression, power and exhaust. But these are the details. If you are an owner of a four-stroke cycle diesel engine for your boat, ferry or commercial vessel, then turn to Thomas Machine for any of your boat engine repair requirements.

Two-Stroke Cycle Engine

The two-stroke cycle diesel engine is larger than the four-stroke and has a better power-to-weight ratio and an improved fuel efficiency. Due to these benefits, it is the preferred engine for owners of deep-sea ships that need more power. And the two-stroke engine can run on heavy fuel, which is cheaper than refined fuel. In this engine, the piston moves up and down the cylinder only once and the crankshaft revolves only one time.

So when it comes down to it, these two-stroke cycle diesel engines for boats are some of the most powerful engines on the planet and their use is crucial. When you need boat engine repair, turn to Thomas Machine. We have years of experience working on diesel engines for boats and deliver results that you can trust.

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Diesel engines on boats are more popular for Navy and commercial boats. But Long Island is full of boat culture, so keeping the boats in working order is crucial. As marine engine rebuilders, many from across Long Island trust our team of diesel engine experts to repair these parts without going over budget. For more information about our engine repair services, please reach out to our office today.

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