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Thomas Machine of Long Island offers professional flywheel services. A flywheel is a metal disc that resembles a gear. In general, the flywheel is positioned between your clutch and the transmission. Its aim is to help to provide power to and from the engine and the transmission. Any manual automobile, heavy-duty truck, or big rig has a flywheel in order to operate. So it is a very common part for many industrial trucks and vehicles. And when it breaks, work can slow. Get quick and reliable flywheel services when you turn to Thomas Auto.

Long Island Flywheel Services

From flywheel maintenance, to resurfacing, to grinding, our flywheel services will get the job done. Let's take a closer look at our services and how they may apply to your situation

Flywheel Maintenance

When you have a flywheel, maintenance is imperative in order to keep it running smooth. Our flywheel maintenance services offer just what you need! Bring it down and we can work on it. There are common signs to look out for that indicate you may be in need of some flywheel services. Slipping gears and a burning smell are two of the leading signs. And if your clutch is vibrating or chattering, then you may also be in need of service. Learn more about flywheel maintenance and how Thomas Auto can help!

Flywheel Resurfacing

From time to time, flywheel resurfacing is needed. The resurfacing of a flywheel is when the surface gets fixed to a machine in order to cut a very thin layer of metal off the surface. This process exposes fresh metal to the disk, which ultimately provides a slight roughening of the surface and improves the grip of the flywheel. When the flywheel loses grip, it becomes unsafe to use.

There are some issues that you may have that indicate your flywheel is in need of resurfacing, including sluggish accelerations and a difficulty shifting. Learn more about flywheel resurfacing and why it is important.

Flywheel Grinding

When it comes to flywheel grinding, this refers to both the problem and the solution. The flywheel works by balancing out the crankshaft and creating a connection between the transmission and the engine. However, due to is proximity to the clutch plate, the flywheel experiences high temperatures. Over time, these high temperatures will eventually damage the flywheel by causing heat stresses and the expedite the usual wear and tear.

Some signs you may be having issues is when the flywheel becomes very smooth, pitted or scratched. Hot spots can also warp the surface or create bumpy areas. All of these issues will hamper the ability for the flywheel to work properly. And in some cases, you actually hear a grinding sound, hence "flywheel grinding." Learn more about grinding and how it works.

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The flywheel services we offer include grinding, resurfacing and common maintenance. At Thomas Machine, you will get the best flywheel services on Long Island. We stand behind our work 110%!

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